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Play is children's work. Children learn by playing, and we must remember this to offer spaces where they can enjoy their essence and be happy. Following their natural rhythm is the only way for their potentialities and genuine talent to emerge.


Mini worlds are simply about offering children different elements to create their own play worlds and provoking symbolic play, which children do naturally. In nature there is a great advantage, that nothing needs to be offered, because nature is already full of wonderful and varied loose pieces; items and materials that we can move, collect and use for play.


With this 15 page pdf guide you will be taken on a journey into discovering play in the great outdoors (and many other resources!) to teach and learn with children outdoors. The information and activities are organised in age groups from 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 and are made for teachers, educators, parents, carers and anyone working or living with children.


PLUS all of the resources are fully equipped with TIPS & FURTHER
RESOURCES (authors, books, materials, tools, articles, guides, etc) to allow you to continue flying on your own learning journey.


This guide is the full book inspired by video 03 WILD SMALL WORLDS by WILD ME TRIBE


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